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MI enables investors to create indices. You can include multiple assets and MI will track, update and save your portfolios daily. Ideal for the investor or as a trader just index stocks, separately or together. use swing, moving averages and trend to discern tops and lows. Use beta to select fast movers. Click on a thumbnail below, in FEATURES  or NEWS to open the chart. Data on this demo site is from 1/1/05 to 28/2/13-8 yrs 2 mths.

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Why MyIndices?

  • Create any chart you want, weigh w/- $$s invested.
  • ROI and PROFIT calculated daily.
  • Compare with any other index you or we create.
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'Someday every portfolio will be indexed'.

Rate of Return

Indexing is essential to calculate returns accurately. To do this you need an IRR calculation that takes into account positive and negative cashflows as when you buy and sell and hence answer the question “How well have I really done'.