Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an investor and have investments?
No. In fact, some members use the index creation tool to create several investment scenarios to help them decide on what investments to make. Other members such as corporate or university members use it as a research tool for price and performance data.

Can I index just one investment?
Absolutely. MyIndices is ideal for tracking your favourites or a group of investments such as a few stocks where you might contemplate trading the sector rather than just the stock.

Are my investment details confidential?

 The system is fully secured and only allows access to your account through your username and password. All we know about you is your name, if you give it, and your email address.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes at anytime, prorata.

 Can I change my user status?

 Can I have more than one free trial?
Unfortunately, no.

What do I do if I'm stuck, don't understand something or need help?
First go to the
Glossary where all terms are explained in detail. Failing that, email us at or call the HELPDESK on 1300 150 137.

 How do I reinvest rents?
You can’t - because you can't in real life but you can include in your index a deposit and set the interest rate you could earn (say 4%) topping it every month or quarter. You would do this ONLY when you are creating a Total Return index, not for a capitalisation (capital gain) index.

Can I download the raw data?
No. The data from our providers - Thompson Reuter, Lipper, Residex and Intierra has been purchased to enable you to create indices, not to analyse raw data. You should go directly to these providers for the raw data.

Are the charts I create private?
Yes. The charts you create are private. The only way to view your charts is to log into your account using your username and password. No one, apart from you, may access your charts as long as you keep your password confidential.