• See indices below  but you can create as many  as you like and download or print them. In addition 20 indices are automatically saved and updated on a daily basis for Special users and 30 and 200 for Standard and Premium, each displayed in charts, providing the performance information you require to make investment decisions.

  • Your indices can include shares, funds, residential property or cash. With the Personal Investment Portfolio Tool (PII) you can create separate indices for each asset type or combine them into a single index to obtain a holistic view of your entire wealth.

  • MyIndices allows you to weigh each investment by the amount invested so you can easily see how your actual portfolio performed. You can then compare your index with other indices to gauge relative performance.

  • With the Expert Index Tool you can view a range of market indices such as the ASX 300 or sector indices created to provide better benchmarks.

  • Compare the indices you create against market, sector or your own indices. .

  • View charts that provide a range of technical indicators including moving average, trend analysis, volatility*, swing, and advance/decline to help you judge when to lighten up or buy.

  • All charts offer the option of displaying results with or without reinvested income providing an insight into the effect of reinvesting dividends, fund distributions and interest upon total return - you can create capital gain only or total return indices.

  • Each PII offers both an index and dollar view and calculates your profit in dollars and the compound rate of return for each timeframe selected. This calculation ( IRR ) takes into account changes to your index such as when you stagger sales and purchases..

  • Each PII you save, together with your selected technical indicators, is updated daily and stored for easy retrieval, reviewing, download or printing. All your indices are displayed as a thumbnail in alphabetical order on your home page for quick scanning and when enlarged your last view will be displayed for each index so you can pick right up from where you left off.

  •  Click on the thumbnail and once open you can change the view. You can change the timeframe and overlay the technical indicators. In the drop down box there is a sample of other indices with which you can compare ( many more when logged in ).


    $$$ based indices YOU create, either as price or value weighted ( eg # shares/units purchased * price or $$s spent on a house or put into a deposit).


    Market weighted WE create as benchmarks ( # shares on issue ( adj for float ) * price ( adj for events ) for comparison purposes.


    NB: on this page when you open a thumbnail the Dollar View isn't available but is when you log in.

  • Thumbnails like those on the Home page of your choice can also be emedded into your website: info@myindices.com

    Display a chart of your companies performance, remind shareholders.