Why MyIndices?

  • Because nowhere else can you create indices or charts like these. You can include shares, funds, residential property or cash, separately or in any combination, each with multiple items.
  • Because you can index or chart your entire portfolio and review and compare on a daily basis. A powerful tool that depicts the performance of your entire portfolio, not just a single type of investment.
  • Because for the first time you can easily answer the question – “how well have I really done?” through the combination of different asset classes into one graph or index. Investments can start at different times, be added to or reduced and the system will also automatically calculate the compound rate of return on a per annum basis and the profit for the timeframe selected. To accurately compute return you need an IRR calc that takes into account the staggered nature of investing including buys and sales.
  • Because once you have created your Personal Investment Indices (PII) you can change them or create additional ones to examine ‘what if’ scenarios in order to optimise asset and investment selection.
  • Because each of your scenarios can be compared with other indices you have created, market indices or sector indices. There is no limit to the number you can create and for the first time answer the second question '' what if I had done this?'' because when making a comparison the same cashflow sequence is imposed upon the compared portfolio.
  • Because you can quickly and easily see the impact dividends, fund distributions and interest have on total return and rate of return for your PII or any hypothetical portfolio. For many investors the income component is important but not as easy to comprehend at a glance.
  • Because for the first time technical indicators specific to your portfolios are available. They will help you discern tops and lows, indicating when to lighten up or when to add to. They make your particular situations much more interesting.
  • Because with the tools offered you can make better investment decisions and bring the fun back into investing and if working with an advisor you can both login from separate locations, saves travelling time.